Point3 Farma was founded in 2018 by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs, farmers and investors, who believe in the power of Cannabidiol, (“CBD”).  

Point3 Farma offers its customers a vertically-integrated source for their CBD requirements. With its own hemp seed genetics operations, almost 1,700 acres of high-CBD hemp under cultivation in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, and major extraction and processing capacity, Point3 Farma stands as a dependable, large-scale supplier of CBD distillate and isolate to major producers of CBD-based consumer products.

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The point3 Farma difference

Seed Genetics: 

To provide ultimate control over the quality of Point3 Farma’s CBD products, we have developed our own seed genetics operation. While the Company supplies seed genetics to the industry on a select basis, the primary drive behind developing our own seed genetics is to have the highest quality starting point for the hemp biomass used for our CBD distillate and isolate products, establishing Point3 Farma as a dependable resource for its customers

Control of Biomass Supply:  

To ensure that Point3 Farma has a dependable, high-quality biomass supply, our farming operations occur on approximately 1,700 acres of highly arable land in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. This allows us to control the quality of our biomass input, providing our customers with the ability to track the product from the field through processing.

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Major Extraction Processing Capabilities:  

In order to support its own internal processing requirements, Point3 Farma has developed significant extraction processes. This has allowed us to process large amounts of biomass from our own acreage. Our processing operations adhere to the highest standards, including GMP and ISO qualifications.

Dependable, Large-Scale Supply Chain Partner:  

Point3 Farma strives to be the premier, vertically integrated, large-scale, supply-chain partner relied upon by major companies in the CBD-based product industry. From CBD-based medical product suppliers, to food manufacturers looking to introduce CBD into their product portfolio on a large-scale, Point3 Farma is your dependable partner known for quality, integrity and value.