What is CBD isolate and what's the difference with whole plant CBD?

CBD hemp oil has gained popularity as a health supplement in recent years, but it wasn’t until the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill that the market really exploded. Under the new legislation, hemp containing less than 0.3% THC in its flowers is completely legal to cultivate across all U.S. states. The legalization of compliant hemp plants and compliant hemp-derived products has opened up the world to CBD and its benefits, turning the industry into one of the country’s fastest-growing markets.

What is CBD Isolate

Traceable, scalable quality

To meet the increased demand for high-quality therapeutic CBD oil, Point3 Farma has carefully engineered its processes to be able to supply large quantities of hemp-derived CBD products without compromising on quality. At Point3 Farma, everything we do, from seed genetics to extractions, takes place on our 1,700 acres of farmland in the San Luis Valley, ensuring best supply-chain practices and a 100% traceable product.

With a somewhat demanding array of hemp industry specific terminology to digest, many brands, businesses, and manufacturers, interested in entering the market, find themselves in need of answers to basic questions. So, what exactly is CBD oil and what are CBD oil benefits? What follows is a comprehensive breakdown of the differences between the range of hemp-derived products available, including CBD oils, isolates, and full spectrum concentrates.

What is CBD oil?

Despite the confusion experienced by some newcomers to the hemp industry, CBD oil and its subsequent products are fairly easy to define. In simple terms, CBD or cannabidiol, is a naturally-occurring, plant-based compound, known for its therapeutic effects, found in the stalks and flowers of the hemp plant, but in greater quantities in the flowers.

When extracting CBD oil from a compliant hemp plant in the U.S., growers are obliged by law to guarantee that it contains less than 0.3% THC, erasing any risk of the oil provoking psychoactive side-effects. Instead, compliant CBD oil regulates the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for sleep, immune response, appetite, and mood, to name a few. CBD imitates biological movements in the body and works with cannabinoid receptors to keep the endocannabinoid system functioning and balanced. This is why the demand for highly concentrated CBD products continues to grow, and it’s the demand for concentrated products that leads us on to CBD isolate.

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What is CBD isolate and what is it used for?

Although pure CBD isolate is a relatively new hemp-derived product to hit the market, it has already made a big impact as the purest, most isolated form of cannabidiol. A true CBD isolate is 99% or more pure CBD, and is completely free from other cannabinoids. So, how do you make CBD isolate and what is CBD isolate used for?

As the name suggests, isolate is produced when the hemp plant undergoes a rigorous extraction process, isolating the CBD compound, and removing all other cannabinoids as a result. The uses for CBD isolate vary depending on whether you’re consuming or applying a CBD powder or a CBD crystal isolate. CBD powder, which is the type of CBD isolate that we supply at Point3 Farma, is formed when the hemp is so refined that it reaches a powdery texture. A powder isolate can be combined with oils to craft topicals or added as an ingredient to edibles.

CBD isolate vs full spectrum

If we bring all the above information together, and we round our way back to the title of this blog, the differences between CBD isolate and CBD products that have been made from whole plant are much clearer. When whole plant material is used to create CBD products, like full spectrum CBD, the product isn’t as pure or refined as a CBD isolate. Full spectrum CBD oils contain whole plant material, cannabinoids other than CBD, and a range of plant molecules. While isolate and full spectrum oils are both sources of CBD, opinion regarding their effectiveness and usage is divided.

On the one hand, CBD isolate is still largely preferred by users who make their own CBD-enriched products. The powder is easy to measure and the dosage is easy to control. The consumer knows exactly how much CBD they’re getting, which is why it’s a CBD product that lends itself so well to the edibles market. CBD isolate is the kind of extraction that can be added to a morning coffee. Whereas studies reveal that full spectrum oils, made from whole plant, are more effective at treating pain and inflammation. It’s believed that the other hemp compounds react with the CBD in full spectrum, whole plant products, and that their interactions produce a more potent, more powerful product for therapeutic purposes.

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Choosing the right CBD supplier

The 2018 Farm Bill opened up pathways that were previously barricaded. As a result, CBD has never been more widely accepted or accessible. However, one of the potential dangers of this new market freedom is that CBD suppliers can choose to cultivate seeds in one state, grow in another, and then transport the biomass to an entirely different state for extraction purposes, ultimately contaminating supply-chain visibility. Traceability has never been more important to the CBD industry.

At Point3 Farma, we work to ensure 100% traceability and high quality products by running a smooth operation based on a vertically-integrated system. We exercise full control over each stage of the process on our Colorado farm in the San Luis Valley. From our seed genetics program to our onsite extraction facilities, our focus is on offering a solid business solution to CBD manufacturers, whether they need CBD isolates, full spectrum oils made from whole plant, feminized seeds, or even CBD-high biomass. With a lifetime of corporate experience to draw on, Point3 Farma’s team knows the importance of offering a premium product that can be traced all the way back to the source.

If you’d like to learn more about us, feel free to get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.