Electrical Technician


The Electrical Technician reports to the Plant Supervisor and is responsible for maintaining the plant to meet corporate requirements of safety, reliability, efficiency, and productivity.  This position creates value to the facility by preforming preventative and corrective maintenance leading to increased uptime and reliability, thus helping the facility to meet our production and quality goals. 

Located in Center, CO

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS (Included but not limited to):

  • Focuses on safety and abides by all company safety requirements as posted and associated with the performance of the job.

  • Ensures that all work performed meets required codes (OSHA, City and Federal, NEC) and is in accordance with plant policies and procedures.

  • Works in a manner that supports the efforts of all plant personnel and which meet company productivity goals.

  • Assists in the development and execution of the “Preventative Maintenance Program” to ensure that electrical equipment is properly maintained.

  • Maintains all electrical records and develops a “Performance Improvement Plan” to prevent repetitive incidences. 

  • Assists with subcontractor and engineers to install and implement new equipment into plant design.


  • Responsible for checking switches, motors, regulators, PLC’s, and other parts of an industrial electrical system.

  • Inspect and maintain wiring, transformers, and circuits.

  • Ability to troubleshoot electrical problems with a variety of testing devices.

  • Diagnose problems and make repairs following decisions based on technical documents, such as blueprints, schematics, or manuals.

  • Proficient in the use of Programmable Logic Control (PLC) units and other computer-based equipment.

  • Install, troubleshoot, and program PLC based systems.

  • Skilled in maintaining hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical systems.

  • Familiarity with state and national electrical codes to ensure that systems are properly installed and maintained.

  • Record keeping of all maintenance performed and develop a maintenance schedule.

  • Ability to create and manage reports pertaining to the repair and maintenance of factory machines. 

EDUCATION:    Licensed Journeyman in the state of Colorado.  Definition of a journeyman “a person having the necessary qualifications, training, experience, and technical knowledge to wire for, install, and repair electrical apparatus and equipment for electric light, heat, and power, and for other purposes, in accordance with standard rules governing such work”

EXPERIENCE: 3 years minimum plant experience.


  • Strong electrical skills

  • Critical-thinking skills

  • Troubleshooting skills

  • Verbal and written communication skills

Applicants must send a resume and cover letter to hr@point3farma.com to be considered.  Please include the words “Electrical Technician” in the subject line.

No recruiters.

You will be contacted for an interview if your experience matches our requirements.  Phone calls will not increase your chances of being contacted.

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