We began with the Land

When we began our journey into the CBD industry, we knew that we wanted to focus the majority of our efforts on growing hemp for the extraction of CBD isolate and distillate. Therefore, one of the most important decisions we had to make was where to locate our grow. Requirements we had in mind included an advantageous terroir, which would allow our hemp to be grown using natural and sustainable practices.  We were also looking for the best possible conditions within which to flourish.  We needed an area of land that would lend itself to the development of onsite greenhouse facilities. These facilities had to be large enough to accommodate our need to manage our proprietary seed genetics program, as well as cultivating, harvesting, drying, storing, extracting, and processing the end products.

With all of this in mind, we invested in 1,700 acres of arid, high-altitude, sun-kissed farmland in the San Luis Valley of Colorado.

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Our farm

For those unfamiliar with the San Luis Valley, it’s an optimal area for hemp cultivation for two main reasons: constant sunlight and high altitude. Point3 Farma is specifically located in Center, Colorado in the heart of the valley.

Our farming processes

For us, growing hemp for CBD is all about quality. We’re interested in cultivating premium biomass, sourced from genetically superior feminized seeds. Our farming methods are 100% natural and sustainable. We dry our hemp in the warmth of the Colorado sun. Our farming operation is designed to ensure minimal handling of all biomass, thus reducing the possibility of quality loss, as it comes off of the field and into storage.  We control every aspect of production from seed-to-sale, providing the buyer with complete traceability and the highest-quality product.

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Our seed genetics program

One of the reasons why we’re able to guarantee such a high-quality end product, consistent from one harvest to the next, is due to our very own, carefully developed, seed genetics program. Our team has the breeding knowledge required to enhance the genetic capabilities of the seeds we plant (and sell) to increase yield and performance.

As growing hemp for CBD is our main priority, it should come as no surprise that we focus on the breeding of hemp seeds that are rich in CBD. However, that’s not the only area of importance that our seed genetics program monitors. We breed hemp seeds that are ultra-compliant and highly resilient. These seeds are able to easily fight off the interference of pests and can stand up to all kinds of climates, soils, and weather conditions.

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Our vertically-integrated business model

Before launching Point3 Farma, we also knew that we would have to find a way to guarantee a high-quality end product that was scalable, traceable, and reliable from one harvest to the next. It was at that point that we decided on the vertically-integrated business model that we have in place today.

We develop the seeds that we plant and sell, we cultivate them, we harvest them, we dry them on-site, we store them on-site, and we extract and process all our CBD products from the biomass on-site. Our products are not subjected to long transits. We’re able to provide paperwork that details the entire process from seed-to-sale. It’s a model that places us in control of product quality at every stage along the supply chain and it means we’re able to offer 100% transparency to all of our clients.